TWO anti-tank grenades and a rifle-launched grenade have been found in the loft of a farm in Uploders near Bridport.

The Royal Logistical Corps Bomb Disposal Truck was called out and the weapons were found to date from World War Two.

I was out in Loders at about 9.45pm on August 11 when I saw a strange, squat truck beetling towards me in the gloom.

I tweeted then @RealWestDorset: “Just seen R.L.C Bomb Disposal truck driving through middle of Loders towards Bridport. Not going unduly fast; guess going home. From where?”

But it’s only now – thanks to Carolyn Stewart in the ever-informative Eggardon & Colmer’s View parish magazine – that I’ve discovered “from where”.

Ms Stewart writes: “The Rayboulds had to call them in having discovered some items in the loft of Croads Farm that they suspected had not seen the light of day for a few years.

“Alex and one of the bomb disposal squad gingerly removed them from the attic so that they could be properly examined… they were identified as two No. 68 anti tank grenades and a rifle-launched grenade dating from the second world war.

“They were probably never active but may have been used by the Home Guard of which Tommy Dennett’s father was a member and perhaps kept as a souvenir.”

As Ms Stewart comments: “Never a dull moment, eh?”