THIS PAGE gives details of any factual corrections made to articles on this site. The unreal made real again, as it were.

November 10, 2009: This was bound to happen after writing the other day about mistakes and “tempting fate”. 

Silly me.

This morning I wrote that Richard Drax, the Conservatives’ candidate for South Dorset at the next General Election, went to Eton (in common with West Dorset MP Oliver Letwin and East Devon MP Hugo Swire).

Mr Drax did not go to Eton. He went to Harrow. I have apologised to Mr Drax for what he described as one of the worst insults he’d ever had in his life. ”It’s the failures at Harrow that go to Eton,” he explained. He was laughing as he said this.

January 12, 2010: An article about the past and future of Dorset’s View From newspapers, which included comments about Newsquest titles the Bridport News, and the Lyme Regis News, was edited to reflect comments made by the editor of another Newsquest title, the Dorset Echo. Click here to see the results of this exercise, and an important passage including the assertions of the Echo editor.

May 21, 2010: An article about Lindsay Brooks, the departing director of Bridport Arts Centre, spelt her first name wrong. This mistake has been corrected in the piece, and is shamefacedly acknowledged here.

December 23, 2010: A review of the Poet Laureate pub in Poundbury did (initially) spell Wizzard (as in the 1970s pop group) with only one z. Thanks to @maddiegrigg on Twitter for pointing out this error: @realwestdorset – think that should be Wizzard. But Mr H-I is forgiven, it’s not as if it’s Christmas every day.