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Lush Places: From Screen to Page

Kazuo Ishiguro came on with Jonathan Coe to rapturous applause.

‘I’m missing Spurs v. Real Madrid for this?’ Mr Grigg said.

‘In the literary world, Mr Grigg, this man is bigger than Pat Jennings’s hands,’ I said, showing my age and also my ignorance of 21st century football.

Mr Grigg settled back and attempted to enjoy the interview…

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Wanted: Artists’ views of Dorset

Bridport-based arts and heritage specialist Crystal Johnson explains why she’d like you to share any knowledge you might have about Dorset’s historic connections with artists. FOR…

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Bridport Open Studios: Kit Glaisyer on painting West Dorset’s ancient landscape

ST MICHAEL’S Studios in Bridport are open to visitors this Bank Holiday Weekend, 10-5pm Sat – Mon. Kit Glaisyer writes here about his participation. I GREW…

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Welcome to Tate Cattistock

IT’S A good question: which village in West Dorset has the highest concentration of artists? I would have guessed Nettlecombe, or perhaps Symondsbury, or even Chideock;…

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Bridport: Children’s gigs to brighten beach

FIFTY ONE cardboard gigs have been painted by children at Symondsbury School near Bridport, and they’ll all be displayed at West Bay this Sunday (April 25). Bridport’s…

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Bring back the Spirit of Bridport!

A CAMPAIGN has begun on Facebook to bring back the Spirit of Bridport to road signs welcoming people to the town. The Spirit of Bridport is the…

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Bridport celebrates a man who has lived by his wits

AN AMUSING show of cartoons by Sam Smith has opened at Bridport Arts Centre. The display on the walls of the café and the foyer celebrates half…

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Bridport: Artist portraits by portrait artists

News that stays news THE ARTIST John Skinner, when he lived in Bothenhampton, used to say to me: “Why can’t we have the kind of news which…

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They don’t make men like Norman Saunders-White anymore

  Artist, librarian, teacher, performer, youth theatre and radio play director. Doodlebug-dodger, office boy, great reader, Kitcher Sinker,  noise-maker, avant-gardist, Mr Punch, provocateur. Eighty this year, a…

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A First Look at the Public Art Work proposed for the Dorchester to Weymouth Relief Road

Notes on the Earthscapes exhibition at Bridport Arts Centre, curated by Sherborne House Arts Part 1: The Project straightforwardly Described A SCALE MODEL of a sculpture to be…

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