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Dorset artist Brian Rice on his Sixties’ London paintings

An interview at Bridport Arts Centre with the artist Brian Rice, exhumed from the archives to celebrate the current exhibition at the Redfern Gallery in London…

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Carolyne Kardia opens up for Dorset Art Weeks

THE SCUPLTOR and painter Carolyne Kardia is taking part in Dorset Art Weeks every day (except Thursdays) between Saturday, May 26 and Sunday, June 10. To…

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Video: New bench fitted in Tudor Arcade, Dorchester

The new oak bench made for Tudor Arcade in Dorchester by Simon Thomas Pirie Furniture of Dorset has been installed and is now “officially open”, as…

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Dorset maker Guy Martin opens up for Dorset Art Weeks

THE SCUPLTOR and furniture maker Guy Martin is taking part in Dorset Art Weeks every day between Saturday, May 26 and Sunday, June 10. To mark…

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New Dorset bench is A: throne? B: love seat? C: question mark? D: fun?

Or E: All of those things and more? The answer, of course, is E, certainly in the eyes of its makers – the team at Simon…

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Lush Places: a love letter to our local

OUR PUB re-opens next week and we’re getting very excited.

Oh how we’ve missed it. A couple of months ago, when it seemed all hope was lost, Lush Places penned its very own community poem, each person contributing one or two lines and egged on by that Wondermentalist, the performance poet Matt Harvey, as part of an Artsreach show.

If, like me, you’re a lover of brevity, this poem is no haiku or limerick. But it’s well worth a read to the end. We’ve passed this love letter to our local to Palmers Brewery who say they have never seen anything quite like it.

So here goes…

An ode to the White Lion

In the bar the lion sleeps tonight

They say the White Lion roams on Lewesdon Hill

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Why West Dorset has two CAMRA Pubs of the Year

MEMBERS of the West Dorset branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) have broken with tradition and picked – not one – but two Pubs of the Year. One is in Bridport, the other near Sherborne.

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Rare food to return to Bridport for one day only

The good folk of Bridport will be offered the chance to enjoy, for one day only, a delicacy that most of them will not have seen or tasted in decades. It is one that the vast majority of them would give their eye teeth to enjoy again, I know I would, if I still had any.

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Lush Places: who knows what tomorrow brings?

IN 2011, we lost our village shop. Our pub has been closed for the last three months. There are only rumours coming from the-brewery-with-no-apostrophe about what…

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Dutch theme park proposed as Dorset tourist attraction

Put an artificial skating rink in the Square, glue a few rooks up in trees and invest in a couple of tons of artificial snow and tourists will flock to Bruegeland in Dorset

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