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Lush Places: a love letter to our local

OUR PUB re-opens next week and we’re getting very excited.

Oh how we’ve missed it. A couple of months ago, when it seemed all hope was lost, Lush Places penned its very own community poem, each person contributing one or two lines and egged on by that Wondermentalist, the performance poet Matt Harvey, as part of an Artsreach show.

If, like me, you’re a lover of brevity, this poem is no haiku or limerick. But it’s well worth a read to the end. We’ve passed this love letter to our local to Palmers Brewery who say they have never seen anything quite like it.

So here goes…

An ode to the White Lion

In the bar the lion sleeps tonight

They say the White Lion roams on Lewesdon Hill

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Lush Places: who knows what tomorrow brings?

IN 2011, we lost our village shop. Our pub has been closed for the last three months. There are only rumours coming from the-brewery-with-no-apostrophe about what…

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Lush Places: the community bar of earthly delights

IN THE village that time forgot, Lush Places becomes, for a few nights only, not a painting by Bruegel but more like a tryptich by Hieronymus…

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Lush Places: the parish plan

WELL, the Lush Places parish plan questionnaires are being collected. An army of village elves is out and about, picking up our forms to find out…

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Lush Places: up in the air and down

FOR a little while, the Lush Places village square has been deathly quiet. The corner shop closed at the end of August and the pub called…

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Lush Places: lighting up the skies for the Queen’s jubilee

AUTUMN in Lush Places and our thoughts turn to sunnier times as we plan a two-day bank holiday extravaganza to mark the diamond jubilee of the…

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Lush Places: closed for the winter

‘I’m sending you this because I hear your Village has closed.’

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Lush Places: the PFI street light pact, coming to a lamp post near you

I am so incensed after returning from a public meeting about street lighting in Dorset. No. I’m more than incensed. I’m bloody incandescent.
How can it be, in these days of so-called people power, that Dorset is under the threat of being changed for ever?

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Lush Places: is that eat-in or take away?

THE PEOPLE of Lush Places wait with bated breath as the auction of the village shop fast approaches. With our publican throwing in the beer towel…

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Lush Places: royal jelly, a dish best served not at all

IF YOU’VE ever been to a Lush Places fete and had a go on our tombola, you might have won a selection of the Rural Lidl’s…

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