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Lush Places: From Screen to Page

Kazuo Ishiguro came on with Jonathan Coe to rapturous applause.

‘I’m missing Spurs v. Real Madrid for this?’ Mr Grigg said.

‘In the literary world, Mr Grigg, this man is bigger than Pat Jennings’s hands,’ I said, showing my age and also my ignorance of 21st century football.

Mr Grigg settled back and attempted to enjoy the interview…

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Praise for history of Bridport rope and net making

There are few, if any, other places in Britain that have been shaped for so long by one industry as Bridport has been by rope, net and twine. The trade probably dates back to the ninth century. Read Mr Sims detailed book and you’ll never look at Bridport and its surrounding villages in quite the same way ever again.

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CAMRA West Dorset pub guide published

YOU KNOW the scenario – you’ve arrived in a place you don’t know well and you need to find a fine pint of real ale –…

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Wanted: Artists’ views of Dorset

Bridport-based arts and heritage specialist Crystal Johnson explains why she’d like you to share any knowledge you might have about Dorset’s historic connections with artists. FOR…

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A walk on Eype beach

Let’s walk. Underfoot the scrunchy pea gravel scrapes and squeaks. Sudden patches of sand give relief to legs already wearied by trudging on banked and sliding stones. Look closer underfoot – individual pebbles lucent with seawater

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Is this a UFO near Bridport – or just the moon?

DOWNLOADING photographs taken around Bridport over Christmas, I suddenly found myself looking twice at this one, and wondering – what is that in the sky? Could it really be a UFO? Here’s a…

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Philip Larkin’s verdict on Weymouth: “delicious”

IN JULY 1953 Philip Larkin stayed at the Royal Hotel on Weymouth seafront. He came on holiday with his mother Eva and was often mistaken for her…

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The Tamara Drewe effect

WITH Tamara Drewe fever about to hit Bridport like a stray copy of Country Life thwacking against the windscreen of a builder’s van, the repercussions are already…

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Tamara Drewe

In Stephen Frears’s hands, Posy Simmonds’s country comic-book tale of ego, lust and revenge makes effective, forthright entertainment, says Peter Bradshaw

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Tamara Drewe film locations – Dorset and beyond

WITH the film of Tamara Drewe going on general release from today, and ahead of its premiere at the Electric Palace in Bridport next week, here…

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