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Lush Places: royal jelly, a dish best served not at all

IF YOU’VE ever been to a Lush Places fete and had a go on our tombola, you might have won a selection of the Rural Lidl’s…

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Julian Fellowes elected President of Society of Dorset Men

Julian Fellowes takes on role once held by Thomas Hardy. “I feel now truly that I am indeed a Dorset man.”

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The Red Bladder cleans up West Dorset

Watch out all you ne’er-do-wells, footpads and villains! One word from The Red Bladder could earn you a hefty stretch of porridge.

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Reviewed: The Anchor Inn, Seatown, Dorset

Michel Hooper-Immins enjoys a superb lunch at the Anchor Inn on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast

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Lush Places: From Screen to Page

Kazuo Ishiguro came on with Jonathan Coe to rapturous applause.

‘I’m missing Spurs v. Real Madrid for this?’ Mr Grigg said.

‘In the literary world, Mr Grigg, this man is bigger than Pat Jennings’s hands,’ I said, showing my age and also my ignorance of 21st century football.

Mr Grigg settled back and attempted to enjoy the interview…

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