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Rare food to return to Bridport for one day only

IF THERE IS one thing that is guaranteed to make me seriously consider buying my own beer it is the prospect of being able to offer the readers of Real West Dorset, what we old hacks who have been put out to grass describe as, an exclusive.

When it comes to exclusives I am going to be bringing you a real hum-dinger, a blow-your-socks-off, bells a-ringing and horns a-tooting exclusive of the type that most of us only get to see once in a lifetime. Yes, this is going to be a belter.

Today, this very one, all the legal formalities are being completed for a change of management and ownership of one of Bridport’s premier nosheries Рsorry , I should have written Рestablishments for the participation and enjoyment of your dining experience. Either way, the sort of place that dishes up your grub.

Once the formalities are finished and done with and the dust has settled down this very place will be offering the good folk of Bridport the chance to enjoy, for one day only, a delicacy that most of them will not have seen or tasted in decades. It is one that the vast majority of them would give their eye teeth to enjoy again, I know I would, if I still had any.

Beyond that I bound by the journalistic code of honour, the usual well-stuffed brown envelope, to say no more for the time being. However, I will do. I must admit I seldom get excited about food but this is something even I am determined not to miss, come the day.

I promise you – if you are middle-aged, or older, you are going to love this one. Just you wait and see!

3 Responses to “Rare food to return to Bridport for one day only”

  1. Bill Stanley

    Having known this man almost all of my life I can promise you that if he likes it it will certainly destroy some part of your body, make you fall over or hasten your death by years. He once seriously assured me that Chatreuse is always drunk by the pint!

  2. maddie grigg

    Is it the West End Dairy? Or the Gorge Cafe, looking like the inside of a haggis? Am I at all close? Sooo excited!

  3. The Red Bladder

    Can’t remember those two establishments but my Mum often talked of them. Now all can be revealed – the dish is, wait for it, toast, or bread, and dripping! And, as if that wasn’t temptation enough, it can be washed down with a steaming mug of OXO. Oh heaven, oh joy, oh blow-the-insides-of-my-arteries-woman I am going to relish every
    moment. The where and the when will follow soon!

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