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The Red Bladder: “The Barbarians are inside the Gates”

A new branch of Travis Perkins, costing £2.3 million, is being constructed. Up next is Lidl

WHAT USED to be a pleasant and uplifting walk along St Andrew’s Road is rapidly being destroyed by the Philistines who are building the new builders’ merchants depot and grocer’s shop alongside the Co-op.

They are completely obliterating the wonderful view of the upper half of Jessop Avenue and all of Happy Island Way. No more will we be able to gaze in wonder at these architectural gems as they seem to roll down the hill and fill us with warmth and gratitude to the far-sighted developers who gave us these vital ingredients of our local heritage.

Each time I see the vista before me I hear a Pete Seeger tune playing in my mind and give mental thanks to the planning department of the local council for granting us such a blessing.

I am sure that no other town in this land of ours would even dream of allowing a much-loved treasure to be completely hidden by a building constructed with sole purpose of foisting tins of baked beans, rolls of toilet paper and bottles of Egyptian Hock off on a gullible public.

Is it too late to prevent this monstrosity being completed? If so we must act and we must act swiftly and decisively. This view is far too valuable to be destroyed. If we allow this boil on the buttocks of Bridport to be completed future generations will curse us for our sheer vandalism. I would beg you to think of Happy Island Way and complain to your local councillor before it is too late.