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“A cruel twist”: Policeman urges drivers to slow down, then writes off police car

FROM PC Nigel Case’s column in the November edition of Eggardon & Colmer’s View. Note: Yellow Lane is one of the old Dorset hollow-ways, a drover’s track through steep banks of sandstone, strewn in the autumn with leaves, gravel and mud.

“Watch the roads: last year I went to two crashes in Yellow Lane, Loders, caused in part by drivers not taking the slippery conditions into account and being unable to stop in time before hitting another vehicle.

“After these crashes I placed an article in the local papers advising people to slow down a bit; in a cruel twist of irony a week later, I was involved in a crash in my police car along that same stretch of road and the car was written off as a result.

“I would like to add there was no fault on the part of the other driver concerned, but this does demonstrate the need to slow it down a bit in the autumn and winter months.”