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Bridport’s iconic Cafe Royal sold for £260,000

BRIDPORT’s iconic Café Royal has been sold at auction for £260,000 to Nicholas de Savary. UPDATED

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Wind turbines plan for prominent West Dorset beauty spot

TWO WIND turbines reaching as high into the sky as the biggest masts at Rampisham radio station could be erected on the summit of Toller Down…

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20 Dorset cider apples rediscovered

TWENTY varieties of traditional Dorset cider apple have been rediscovered by the award-winning Powerstock Cider Festival supremo Nick Poole and the renowned cider apple expert Liz Copas, author of A Somerset Pomona.

For the last four years Liz and Nick have been hunting through orchards, fields and gardens for apples that used to make Dorset cider.

In the case of Golden Ball from Netherbury, there was only one tree left. Marlpits Late Bittersweet may also have been unique. But no more.

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The Dorset company whose business was pleasure

AT LEAST 150 YEARS of Dorset history can be explored in fascinating detail through the archives of Cosens, once Weymouth’s largest employer. The spread of tourism,…

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Dorset TV: Bridport Hat Festival Mass Hat Wearing in Bucky Doo Square

Bridport Hat Festival’s main organiser Roger Snook: “Everybody’s happy, everybody’s wearing a hat – what more could you wish for?”

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New film celebrates Dorset designer John Makepeace

A FILM about Beaminster’s renowned furniture maker John Makepeace has been produced to celebrate his 50 years at the forefront of British design.

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New Dorset cider company starts selling around Bridport and Beaminster

CIDER made by award-winning West Dorset cider maker Nick Poole is on sale for the first time in shops and pubs.

Unsurprisingly, it’s proving popular – a decade of hard and thoughtful work has gone into it.

Mr Poole set up West Milton Cider Club near Bridport 10 years ago – the video above shows the early days of the club – and he founded the now famous Powerstock Cider Festival.

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Woodland school plans new course and buildings

A VISIONARY scheme putting West Dorset at the forefront of architectural and environmental education is bursting with new life. Hooke Park near Beaminster already boasts some…

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UPDATED: Critics savage Dorset County Council music video

A MUSIC video made for Dorset County Council has been scorned as “truly crackpot” by the Taxpayers’ Alliance. It shows the singing of a song called The…

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West Dorset election result: Letwin wins

SO THE Conservatives were relieved and non-Conservatives grieved as Oliver Letwin was re-elected as West Dorset’s MP with an increased majority. Dr Letwin got 27,287 votes,…

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