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Lush Places: From Screen to Page

Kazuo Ishiguro came on with Jonathan Coe to rapturous applause.

‘I’m missing Spurs v. Real Madrid for this?’ Mr Grigg said.

‘In the literary world, Mr Grigg, this man is bigger than Pat Jennings’s hands,’ I said, showing my age and also my ignorance of 21st century football.

Mr Grigg settled back and attempted to enjoy the interview…

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Lush Places: a bit of light reading

I had been hoping for a thin tome.. but I am on the reserve list

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Lush Places: you don’t have to be mad to live here but…

In all this talk of the Big Society, there’s something missing. Energy.

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Lush Places: a hunting we will go

AS THE people of Lush Places prepare for the annual arrival of the Seavington Hunt this morning, there are some bleary eyes after last night’s rally…

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Lush Places: Where sanity lies

IN BRIDPORT’S Rural Lidl, there is apparently a police presence as the new store opens. Whether it is as a precaution against irate St Andrew’s Road residents…

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Lush Places: Let’s do the timewalk again…

THE CLOCKS go back on Sunday. It happens every year. And every year it causes chaos in Lush Places.

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Lush Places: a real tomato souper

A thin veil of mist hangs over Lush Places this morning, the sun low in the sky as blinded drivers attempt the ascent of the hill…

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Lush Places: Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside

A CRESCENT of white sand has appeared in front of the village shop. Lush Places folk haven’t stopped talking about it since the workmen appeared on Friday…

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Lush Places: The village flower show

HERE IN Lush Places, it is the day of the village flower show. Car boots are open on the hall forecourt, spilling out dahlias, leeks the length…

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Lush Places: all hail to the council’s King Rat

Once upon a time in Lush Places, the village had a problem with rats. They would scurry from house to house, holding parties under the floorboards,…

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