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New website for top Dorset parish magazine

A NEW WEBSITE has been created for Eggardon & Colmer’s View, the excellent parish and community magazine for – in church lingo – the United Benefice of Askerswell, Loders, Powerstock and Symondsbury: or – in non-church lingo – for many of the villages and hamlets near Bridport – including Loders, Uploders, Askerswell, Powerstock, Nettlecombe, Mappercombe, North Poorton, South Poorton, West Milton, Leigh Gate, Dottery, Broadoak, Symondsbury and Eype.

It’s at and has a lot of content, including a tremendous picture of Colmer’s Hill by Higher Eype photographer Andy White, one of the best images of this famous West Dorset landmark I’ve ever seen.

A beautiful photograph of Colmer's Hill near Bridport on a cold and misty day by Higher Eype photographer Andy White. The image is speckled with numbers 1 - 24 as it is being used for the Eggardon & Colmer's View Advent Calendar 2011.

Colmer's Hill photographed by Andy White for the Eggardon & Colmer's View Advent Calendar 2011.

The photograph is being used for the new Eggardon & Colmer’s View Advent Calendar, one of the annual treats of West Dorset life. That’s why there’s the 24 numbers scattered across it, each one hiding another picture.

It’s many years since Eggardon & Colmer’s View last had a website and the new one is sure to be popular with many people living away from the Bridport area who just couldn’t get hard copies of the magazine. There is always something in it worth reading and knowing.

Anyway, recommendation over, here’s Eggardon & Colmer’s View Editor Margaret Morgan-Grenville to explain more.

Margaret Morgan-Grenville on the Eggardon & Colmer’s View website

“The latest edition of Eggardon & Colmer’s View can be viewed online, subject to a simple registration process.

“Not only will there be no more worries about where the latest copy of the magazine is, you can also find up to date information on all the village events and church services.

“Viewers will find plenty to interest them, whether they are local residents, potential visitors or just browsing from anywhere in the world. 

“Users will be able to see details of Church Services taking place in any of the Churches and Chapels of the Benefice with maps of each parish, a monthly Diary, and details of special events.

“Villages have their own section with brief historic and current outlines of each, details of all Schools, Village Halls and other meeting places, together with relevant links.

“The site is also interactive, with a Message Board which it is hoped will become a virtual meeting place.

“How this part of the site develops will very much depend on the users: just general conversation, definitely a For Sale & Wanted forum, maybe a barter forum if users are so inclined.

“Particularly exciting will be the Photo Gallery, where photos of local events that I receive and just can’t get into the magazine will be displayed in glorious colour!

“And that’s not all: if anyone wants to be involved with moderating the message boards or the administration, they are asked to contact the Webmaster through the website.

“We could do with some help!

“So don’t delay; just click on, sit back and enjoy!”

2 Responses to “New website for top Dorset parish magazine”

  1. Gill Evans

    Brilliant publicity. Thanks Jonathan, Margaret and Bev.

  2. Zita Wright Bowley

    I have lived in Eype and West Bay. Attended some classes at Symondsbury School and Bridport General and Visitation Convent,Bridport. I now live in Maryland. I was married in 1945 to
    an American from the lst. Division who landed on Omaha Beach
    June 6,1944.

    I met Annette Mills when she was convalescing from an automobile accient she had sufferred in London. I typed some personal correspondence for her. Annette was staying in Little Cottage next door to Ivy Cottage where I lived. Sir Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh had visited Ivy Cottage for a short visit. Their names and comments were in the Visitors Book there- something written in
    french- something like “Une petit and charmant cottage.”

    I am delighted that this website is up and running and will keep in touch.

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