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Desolate in South Street, Bridport

EVERY MAN needs a dream. Well, I have one but I am rapidly reaching the conclusion that it truly is an impossible dream.

Once – I am not a greedy man – just once I would love to see a single person actually working on the gas pipe holes at the bottom end of South Street in Bridport.

Time after time I have driven through the narrow passageway left by these decaying archaeological pits, having waited an age at the ‘temporary’ traffic lights, there’s piles of yellow piping, none of it ever moves, and a scene so utterly desolate that it could be the surface of the moon.

I have spoken to others and all agree – no one ever actually does anything there.

I might see somebody working there one day but I am getting older and time passes so quickly. I try to tell myself that I can’t have everything in whatever time I have left but I don’t ask much – a single workman from Southern Gas Networks would do. Not a lot to ask is it, really?

Editor’s Note: The Red Bladder is a former national newspaper journalist (tabloid and broadsheet) and now a self-styled ‘retired layabout’. Follow him on Twitter @TheRedBladder or read his blog (or even do both).