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Lush Places: closed for the winter

THE VILLAGE square is deathly quiet.

The red pelargoniums around the village pump are fading now and the white nicotianas outside my house look like long, spidery tendrils and they’ve given up the ghost.

The shop has been closed now for almost three weeks but still cars pull up, drivers get out, try the shop door, then look at their watches, shrug, get back in their cars and drive off again.

I’ve just had an email from a local district councillor, pointing me to a Lottery-funded scheme to set up local enterprises.

‘I’m sending you this because I hear your Village has closed.’

He’s missed out a word, but it sure feels like it.

And now it’s raining.

4 Responses to “Lush Places: closed for the winter”

  1. The Red Bladder

    Apparently that will go on for years. The people living in, what was, The London Inn, still get strangers knocking on the door asking what time they open and are they doing meals? Apparently the same happens at the old Gollop Arms. Any news on the pub front? October looms so a new landlord should be all lined up and raring to go. Doubtless the powers that be have a master plan in this as, I feel sure, they have for every other eventuality.

    [The London Arms was just by the A35 between Symondsbury and Chideock, the Gollop Arms at North Bowood between Bridport and Broadwindsor].

  2. The Red Bladder

    South Bowood actually Jonathan – my cousin used to live next door in The Forge

    • Jonathan Hudston

      Yes you’re right – I should have remembered that, especially because (unless my memory is deceiving me again) I once fixed up for a BBC person to live right by it for a few months – maybe even in what you call The Forge!

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