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Bridport: Mini-supermarket plan for De Vinchies

SO IT’S all change for the old De Vinchies building in West Bay Road.

It’s not going to be a night club or ‘theme’ bar after all.

No, it is going to be yet another mini-supermarket.

I find it a minor puzzle as to why SPAR should want to have another outlet in the Bridport area but I expect they know their own business best.

It’s a bit of a step from the main part of West Bay but there is plenty of car parking available.

Handy though for the residents of the, comparatively, new Meadowlands Estate, while it remains on dry land.

Will the doors be open for floods of Christmas shoppers?

Time will tell as full details are yet to be revealed from the company that offers such good service from their outlet in East Street.

2 Responses to “Bridport: Mini-supermarket plan for De Vinchies”

  1. Horst

    Hi there, just read this and the former article about SPAR shop/s in Bridport. Hm, I guess you got it wrong. This shop at East Street turned into a very high frequented shopping target after the main markets have shut. It’s more a kind of a drive in, if you watch the cars lining up in front at the taxi rank and bus stop. so it was only consequent to follow this line and open a similar outlet where people can park proper and drive as close as ever possible towards the pricey fastfood and so on. But West Dorset has got much more cars than the average county in England by percentage, so makes sense for the drivers. Assume won’t be long we have the first drive in “?” in Bridport.

  2. TheRed Bladder

    Apparently not (page 2 ‘Bridport News’ of today – so they did get there then)

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