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Bridport: Come off it, Liberal Democrats!

SPRING is in the air.

I haven’t heard a cuckoo yet but I have seen the next best thing. A man, a very brave man, canvassing for the Liberal Democrats.

There he was, large as life and twice as bouncy carrying a clip board and sporting a rather large yellow rosette. Out on the stump already and the nominations are not even closed yet.

I suppose that desperation might be the order of the day. If the polls are to be believed come the first weekend in May there may be a few glum faces in that particular neck of the woods and there is no reason to suppose that Bridport will differ much from the rest of the country.

The recent edition of their Focus leaflet opted for honesty and showed both of their faces. Reams of stuff condemning Tory cuts and lauding the ways in which our gallant lads and lasses on the Lib Dem local government benches are fighting them tooth and nail. Then there’s a side-bar telling us what a spiffing job their parliamentary colleagues are doing in coalition with those self-same Tories in Westminster.

Come off it matey – you can’t have it both ways. Not now that you are part of the government you can’t.

Or perhaps I’ve got it wrong and there are two Liberal Democrat parties.

We shall see as the fight to retain places on the council develops and true colours are either shown or carefully hidden.
As the old boy said when he was a lad, “The times they are a-changing”.