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Lush Places: you don’t have to be mad to live here but…

IN THE village of Lush Places, where things grow organically, including our sense of community and camaraderie, we are about to have a meeting.

It seems we are a microcosm of The Big Society, the thing invented by Oliver Letwin for the Tory manifesto after attending too many functions in this village.

Lots of things go on here. We’re an active kind of a place. Things get done.

But in order to be taken seriously, to be a voice to be reckoned with, we apparently need a Parish Plan. Others have done it and found, hey presto, the district and county councils and bureaucratic bodies of all kinds suddenly sit up and listen.

Funding is found, resources are channelled, things finally happen.

However, according to a report I read in the local paper, our parish plan will be more than that. We will be a pilot, a beacon. All eyes will be on us to see how we operate down here in this hilly corner of Dorset.

I will be going along to the meeting tonight to find out more. But if it involves being told what to do, I’m out. We need space to be creative thinkers, not central government skivvies.

In all this talk of Big Society this and that, there is something no-one has factored in. It’s a key ingredient to a thriving Little Society: it’s called energy.

And for that you need ley lines. And we have several of them, crossing right through the centre of Lush Places.

But you try telling that to Mr Cameron. He’d think we’re barking.