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Dorset’s Mash Hit returns with Drimpton’s 4th Potato Day

Potato Day crowd Drimpton Village Hall

YOU TUBERS: Potato lovers in Drimpton Village Hall. Potato Day tables are set out in a horseshoe pattern in the middle of the hall, with potatoes displayed round two sides, and onions, shallots and seeds on one side.

WEST DORSET’S fourth annual Potato Day, organised by gardeners for gardeners, will be held in Drimpton Village Hall on Saturday 12 February from 10:30am to 3:30pm.

Over 60 varieties of Seed Potatoes will be offered for sale by Somerset nursery Pennard Plants, by the tuber or in bags, with information on type, cultivation and disease resistance for each one.

Potatoes are not a difficult crop to grow, though they can be prone to a range of diseases.

Planting varieties suited to local conditions can make the difference between success and failure.

Potato Day enables growers to meet together, chat about what has grown well for them and also chose from a wide range of varieties brought by Pennards, who are familiar with our soil and climate.

Previous Potato Days here in Drimpton have attracted growers from West Dorset as well as our neighbours in Somerset and Devon. Some are very experienced, heading straight to the types they know – but always with an ear to what others are recommending.

There are novice gardeners as well, for whom the expertise on hand, from other visitors and from Pennards and Horticultural Society members, really does offer encouragement and reassurance.

This fourth Potato Day arranged by Clapton, Wayford and District Horticultural Society will follow the format of previous years, with tweaks and improvements, including all-day brunches, so if you skip breakfast you won’t need to await lunch time.

Other features:

Warming drinks and for young people, activities and fun as usual.

Potato Day Mural Drimpton done by artist Jenny Beck and children

SPUD FUN: Mural created with potato painting by children visiting Drimpton’s Potato Day, under the guidance of local artist Jenny Beck and helpers

Heritage Vegetable seeds, a selection of Garlic, Onion and Shallot sets, plus herbs, fruit bushes, rhubarb and more.

Chance to enter our popular potato growing competition, (classes for young people and adults – weigh-in on Show Day, Saturday 14th August).

There is no need to book, but for further information please contact 01308 868843.

Drimpton Village Hall is on Chard Road, Drimpton, between Chard and Beaminster.

For SatNav: DT8 3RF

As gardeners we try to work with Mother Nature improving the soil and keeping a good balance in the garden, let’s hope she smiles on us with the weather on Potato Day on 12th February.

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