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Liberal Democrats should speak up for Bridport’s Minor Injuries Unit

LET’S be honest about it: there are certain members of the ruling Liberal Democrat band on Bridport Town Council, in reality a glorified parish council, who do their level best to earn pomposity and self-importance a bad name.

Yet I cannot face the New Year without feeling a pang of sorrow and pity for their plight.

At some stage, before they moved up from being minnows to being the goldfish in the political aquarium, they must have held strong beliefs. Now they may well be faced with coming face-to-face with a few of the sharks that inhabit the same waters. Not an inviting prospect.

Minor Injuries Unit cutbacks “a disgrace”

The decision to cut the hours of the Minor Injuries Unit at Bridport hospital, simply to save a bit of money, is nothing short of a disgrace and will certainly prove a disaster for some poor devils at some time. There must be a few local Lib Dems who feel absolute fury at the decision.

Yet it was taken by far-away Conservatives. The big boys in the national coalition to which the Lib Dems signed up as the second XI.

So what should they do? There is a dilemma with horns upon which few of us would enjoy finding ourselves. Do they rock the boat and kick up a fuss? If they do, the powers that be will not be happy and even a rag-tag gaggle of disorganised ne’er-do-wells like the Liberal Democrat Party must try to have some form of disciplinary control, at least I’m certain they would now like to have.

Of course local politicians are not the lickspittle bunch of self-serving, idlers chiselers and vagabonds that crowd the benches of Westminster. The locals do not depend on their salaries and their expenses, well not so much anyway, mortgages and bills could still be paid, holidays taken and mistresses kept in silk stockings and luxurious chocolates even if the fountain of money that gushes from our pockets dried up on them.

They can afford the luxury of a conscience and can, in theory at least, speak up for what they truly believe and so hold their heads high and stare their reflection in the shaving mirror straight in the eye each morning.

Speak up for Bridport

So what will they do? Create an unholy stink about a local service which is vital to us all being emasculated on the altar of the false god Mammon? Take the course of action that they know, in their hearts, to be right and truly represent those who elected them in the first place?

So come on lads, and lasses, have you got spines?

Have you got hearts?

Do you possess a grain of compassion?

Speak up for Bridport and speak up now.

Editor’s Note:  Bridport’s Minor Injuries Unit is at Bridport Hospital in Hospital Lane, North Allington, Bridport, Dorset, DT6 5DR. Tel 01308 422371. It’s a nurse-led service currently staffed from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week.

From February 1, opening hours will be changed to 10.30am to 6pm, for what’s described by Dorset Community Health Services as a six-month feasibility test. 


3 Responses to “Liberal Democrats should speak up for Bridport’s Minor Injuries Unit”

  1. Bill Stanley

    Bladder, I know that you know as little of keeping a mistress as you do most other things but where on earth did you get the notion that they required “silk stockings and luxury chocolates”? From your grandfather I should imagine!

  2. house sparrow

    People power is the best way forward. I believe the Lib Dems already have a petition up & running! Have you signed it! The staff at Bridport minor injuries are very dedicated to keep this service as it is, but as you rightly pointed out management are trying to save money. Let’s get rid of some of the bureaucrats instead. Protect the front line services.

  3. The Red Bladder

    Ah protect front line services. Now I know that it’s getting on for nearly a year since the general election but didn’t one of the parties knock on and on about doing exactly that at the time? Wasn’t it Big Ollie’s lot? You know, protect the NHS, reduce taxation and death to the Yankee Imperialist paper tiger – that mob.

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