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Is this a UFO near Bridport – or just the moon?

DOWNLOADING photographs taken around Bridport over Christmas, I suddenly found myself looking twice at this one, and wondering – what is that in the sky? Could it really be a UFO?

ufo or moon near west milton bridport dorset december 28 2010

Photograph taken near West Milton in Dorset on 28 December, 2010.

Here’s a closer look.

ufo or moon near west milton bridport dorset december 28 2010

Closer up view of object in the sky photographed near West Milton in Dorset on 28 December, 2010.

I have to say, I don’t think it’s a UFO – it must be the moon – but I’ve never seen it in quite this guise before.

11 Responses to “Is this a UFO near Bridport – or just the moon?”

  1. PAPA

    Lampshade and bulb
    I can tell you exactly what it is, it is the reflection of the light in the room where the person took this picture. It happens when the iso setting on the camera is not set right.
    Nice looking lampshade and bulb though…

    • Jonathan Hudston

      Taken outside
      It’s quite possible that it’s some kind of camera and / or photographer error, but I don’t think it’s a reflection of a light in a room.

      This picture was taken outside in a field, about two miles from the hills the sun is going down behind.

      Could it be something to do with the light of the setting sun and the snowy weather?

      A reflection of the sun itself? But on what?

      A BIT LATER: @IQXS on Twitter – “the Twitter Ticker Tape of the 21st century for UFOs” – suggests it’s just a “pretty lil lens flare”.

      I think as IQXS undoubtedly sees more things to do with UFOs than I do, that’s probably true.

      The picture was taken on a iPhone that I’m not very used to.

      But I still think it’s an unusual sight. And I like the fact it’s so ghostly.

  2. Dave

    The shape and color makes me agree that it is likely the bottom half of the moon. There is nothing truly out of the ordinary within the picture, it seems to simply be a confluence of timing and angles.

    • Jonathan Hudston

      One of my New Year resolutions is to get out and about a bit more. Then I probably wouldn’t be so struck by photographic occurrences such as this!

  3. B J Booth

    I’ve seen a hundred photos like this one. This is not the moon, and not a UFOs. This is a lens flare from the setting sun at the horizon.

  4. JC Craig

    On December 28 the moon was about half full, somewhat similar to the central whitish dot in the anomalous photo. However, this picture would have to have been taken at sunrise, and the angle between the sun and the moon would have been closer to 90 degrees, placing the moon much higher in the sky. A lens flare seems possible, except that the arc of light is not concentric with the sun. A reflection on a window would sure fit, but not if the photographer is absolutely sure no glass, such as a car window, was involved. How about atmospheric refraction, like an upside down mirage? If the atmospheric conditions were right this could explain it.

  5. Ufo

    So yea, that is NOT us. You can’t blame us for every anomaly your planet has. Trust me, we’ll let you know when we’re coming. Happy new year BTW… naninunu. lol jk.

  6. Luz E Rivera

    Looks like the dwarf sun that shows every morning in Australia, call Nibiru, but looks like the half moon, maybe the earth is giving it shadow. Look in You Tube : 2 Suns? Nibiru

  7. Rob jefferson

    It looks like the planet Nibiru which iv seen other photos of exactly like this.

  8. Steve

    This is not the moon, I’ve seen other ufo sightings that look very similar, sky is clear, the moon wouldn’t cast a shadow, if it did the shadow would be on the top, it also appears it was taken outside along a roadside or fenceline, I believe it to be the real deal, great pic!, wish I had a camera when I saw my 1st, last fall.

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