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Bridport: Support Your Local Drunks

THIS week’s Bridport News gives extensive coverage to the jungle of advertising A-boards that seem to be breeding along East Street.

So it should. These things are a positive menace to drunks tottering their way home after a session of innocent boozing.

Only the other evening, the Saturday of the beer festival, those of us gathered in a hostelry to the north of these hazards to navigation were treated to the company of one of our highly respected local representatives. He was in a state of refreshment after having had a bash at the wares of the lads at the sampling. In fact, one or two held the opinion that he was refreshed out of his skull.

Anyway, he proceeded to be boring beyond what would normally be expected of a politician. In due course, the staff told him that he had drunk enough and should go home. The place nearly erupted in cheers.

Given a bit of luck and time he managed to find the door and headed off away to his home.

He turned and headed towards the danger in East Street at a pace that would have made sedentary look swift.

Can you imagine the horror if he had tripped on an A-board and injured himself? The whole town would have been bereft.

It is vital that our inebriates are kept safe and protected from themselves. Think of the future. Can we risk the lives and limbs of those a cut above ourselves? No, never. They must be protected and let the hard working local businesses go hang.

Drunks first – that’s the spirit.