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Lush Places: Blue is the colour

On Bluebell Hill, overlooking Lush Places, the colours are so intense they are almost blinding.

The clean, lime green of the beech trees, the swathe of bluebells, an ocean of them, oh so blue. And then very occasionally, a white one pops up out of nowhere.

This place is magical at the best of times and May is the best of times.

A hollow tree where a goblin sits, a fallen trunk inscribed with names going back 15 years when university students were still at primary school, a couple sitting on a grassy bank, soaking up the sun and enjoying the view.

The patchwork fields, cosy hills and an undulating ridge underlining the millpond sea.

Welcome to real west Dorset.

Editor’s Note: Maddie Grigg is a Google Blogger of Note.

You can read more from her at The world from my window, about West Dorset village life, and Manor from Heaven, about Mapperton House near Beaminster.  Affectionate, amusing, strongly recommended.