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Bridport celebrates a man who has lived by his wits

AN AMUSING show of cartoons by Sam Smith has opened at Bridport Arts Centre.

The display on the walls of the café and the foyer celebrates half a lifetime’s work.

Mr Smith, who lives in Bothenhampton, had his first cartoon published in the Evening Standard in 1976.

Before that, his sense of humour hadn’t always been appreciated. As a boy, he was asked to leave his grammar school in Ipswich because the head didn’t like him clowning about.  

But a wild streak of wit suits a cartoonist well.

“If I can make people titter, chortle and think about something at the same time then I’ve achieved something,” says Mr Smith.

On the evidence of the exhibition at Bridport Arts Centre, he’s achieved many, many things. Judge for yourself Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10am to 4pm, up until the end of May.

Or you can see and hear Mr Smith by clicking on this link.