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A blog that “can take you to nice places”, like a bus

SOMETIMES you see something and you think, wow, that’s good, and so it is with a new West Dorset blog called And in my hands a camera. It’s photographs, mostly, with comments explaining their taker’s motivations and methods. They are good pictures – very good.  

Look at this for example:

This is one of a series of night-time photographs taken around Bridport with the comment: “i really like town at this time of year, its so cold and bleak but this makes for nice urban landscapes with only a few cars around. at night i really notice the lights around town, i like all the oranges, yellows and harsh whites”

At the foot of the blog, the photographer explains that he’s compiling a visual diary of his year between finishing A-levels and starting university. Hence also this:

“this photo is about buses, and how long i spend on them because i haven’t got a car; they can take you to nice places though, to meet nice people and they are good for thinking about stuff”

Normally I just put links to other sites or blogs down at the side of this one; I’m highlighting this one because it doesn’t look like it’s had all that many viewers so far and it deserves more. Have a look. You’ll enjoy it!

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  1. Maddie

    This is a great little blog – personal but not overly-so, to the point and with photos that say a thousand words.

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